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Supremo Tile - Our originality cannot be contested

Supremo tiles span back to 30 years with our origin in 1990, from there we have come a long way to become the leading Roman Tile manufacturer in Sri Lanka with the best quality , recognition, sales and distribution throughout the country. Our factory is comprised of advanced technology and high tech machinery which enables us to provide our customers a high quality end product.
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Supremo Tiles Now SLS Certified

Here at Supremo tiles we value quality more than quantity. This making us the first Roman roofing tile factory to be awarded with the SLS certification.

“Our originality cannot be contested”

Supremo tiles the ideal choice for your dream home.

International Collaboration

We are not only locally recognized but also collaborated internationally with a number of countries world wide including Italy, German, Spain, China, Viatenam and India.

Supremo Tile